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Our Custom Gloves are hand-made and constructed of 100 percent high-quality premium cowhide leather. They are designed to stand up for years to come. SX3 is one of the few manufacturers that can provide custom quality at an affordable price. Laces in your SX3 Custom Glove are guaranteed for the life of the glove, as long as you continue to use it. SX3 Custom Gloves can be customized to suit any taste. Players can choose from 19 colors and 12 web designs. Colors can be mixed and matched on the same glove. You can customize and personalize your glove any way you like it. Customizing includes your choice of Colors, Webs, Names, Logos, Flags, and Sayings. SX3 can also Break-In your glove for you. It will be professionally steamed and conditioned to create the perfect game-ready SX3 Custom Glove.

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